Green Leaf in the Country

Located on 56 acre former blueberry farm, in the heart of Millstone Township, our original location has been redefining luxury pet care since 2012.


Facilities Overview

Our training approach is simple.
We call it "Control Through Kindness."

  • 100% glass boarding suites with adjacent prep kitchens (we call it room service)
  • Thousands of square feet of indoor and outdoor play space
  • An enclosed outdoor playspace with canine-grade grass
  • A two-story waterfall in a temperate saltwater pool
  • An antimicrobial air filtration system
  • Low-impact cushioned floors for delicate paws

24/7 Staff
Pick Up & Drop Off Services


You deserve a getaway. So does your dog.

Meet our most advanced glass suites ever, complete with memory foam beds and a 24/7 staff for walking, petting, loving, and nightly tuck-ins. Expect happy dog pictures in your email. Available long and short term.

  • Plush, hypoallergenic memory foam bedding
  • Glass-enclosed suites in various sizes
  • Multiple walks throughout the day
  • 24-hour attention from playful, loving caretakers
  • Nightly tuck-in service
  • Optional photo service
  • Ample indoor and outdoor play space
  • Custom meals & snacks from our on site dietitian
  • Offering boarding school, day school, and group training classes


Training you can trust.

Powered by the philosophy of world-renowned behaviorist Shelly Leibowitz, our new location brings his unique dog training approach to the shore. It’s called control through kindness, and every trainer on our staff lives by it, because a good dog only comes from good treatment.

  • Large, spacious training rooms
  • Private consultations with your trainer
  • Private lessons for you and your family
  • Puppy training for young students
  • Obedience training on & off leash (heel, sit, stay, come, down)
  • Special problem training (housebreaking, chewing, jumping, mouthing, pulling, bolting, fear aggression, separation anxiety)
  • Custom training for unique needs (e.g. service dogs, canine good citizen dog (CGCD))
  • Professional needs training (Police K-9s, American Kennel Association etc.)


We take playtime seriously.

Perfect for the commuter, we offer daily daycare for your best friends to make some of their own in our giant playrooms, attended to by petcare experts all day long. All dogs are evaluated before getting to enter group play.

  • Thousands of square feet of indoor & outdoor play areas
  • Paw-friendly cushioned floors for safe playtime
  • Highly-trained, watchful supervisors all day
  • Customizable packages including specialty toys, private play sessions, and scenic nature walks
  • Daycare pet specialist will spend minimum of ½ day evaluations for your dog to determine the best daycare program


Your pup has never looked so good.

With an immaculate glass grooming center replete with state of the art grooming equipment, we promise your dog will leave looking, smelling, and feeling great. Don’t blame us if you can’t stop posting them to your Instagram.

  • Highly-trained pet groomers
  • Top of the line hypo-allergenic products
  • Soothing bath treatments
  • The fundamentals: Haircuts, Teeth-cleaning, Anal gland release, Facial, Deskunk, Flea/Tick


Do the doggy paddle.

Sign your pup up for swimming lessons at our massive saltwater pool and a two-story waterfall. Swimming helps maintain a healthy weight and provides hip- and joint-friendly exercise on a regular basis. We’re happy to teach the doggy paddle to first-timers (though deep down, they already know it).

  • Heated salt-water pool
  • Swimming lessons for first-timers
  • Personal care by an in-pool attendant
  • Post-pool shower and towel drying
  • Aquatic therapy for special needs dogs
  • Lots of leaping and fetching
  • Paw-friendly access ramps
  • Custom doggy life jackets
  • Excellent for dogs with: Chronic pain, Recovering from surgery, Hip dysplasia

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Lobby open 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm for visits. However, we are fully-staffed 24/7, all year long. Operational hours on major holidays may be different.

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23 Burnt Tavern Road
Millstone, NJ 08510

T: (844) LUVDOGS


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