The best worry-free alternative to leaving your dog home alone.

Redefining the Idea of Luxury Dog Care

With our fully trained & professional staff, we’re more than prepared to give your dog a wonderful home away from home.

Rates begin at *$30 half-day, $42 full-day*
Half-day: 5 hours or less | full-day: over 5 hours

Whether your dog is bashful, daring, or somewhere in-between, we provide a wide range of programs and activities to fit any personality.

  • Diverse play groups formulated according to your dog's temperament and play style
  • Monitored climate controlled indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Special discount rates and custom add-ons are available with any of our multi-day packages

No Dog Left Behind

Never worry about your dog ever being left alone: all guests are supervised 24/7 by our highly trained and friendly staff.

Spacious indoor & outdoor play areas

Whether jumping, chasing, or just hanging out with others, there’s room for dogs of all breeds, ages, and personalities to fit right in.

Rain or shine

Our facilities are well-equipped to give any dog a fun-filled day of activities, attention, and companionship, whether under a roof or the sun.


Drop-off and pick-up times tailored to your schedule

Luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities

Plenty of time in our play areas

Our daycare hours are 7AM to 7PM from Monday to Friday and 9AM to 5PM on Saturday and Sunday. Our reception desk is open from 7am to 7pm daily. There will be a late fee per hour for any pet that is picked up after daycare hours. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Download a full breakdown of our dog boarding rates and packages:



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