We’re All-Natural. Sort Of.


We don't use bathtubs quite this large

At the Green Leaf Pet Resort & Hotel, we’re all about letting dogs get back to nature – to an extent. As all dog owners know, dogs sometimes have all-natural smells that aren’t so pleasant. That’s where our expert dog groomers (the best in New Jersey, we like to think!) come in.

And while great-smelling dog shampoo and other dog grooming products may not occur in nature, we keep it as natural as possible by using products made from all-natural ingredients – like the ones made by Isle of Dogs.
We had a long checklist of requirements for our dog grooming products, and Isle of Dogs fit them all: pH balanced for dogs; customized for different breeds, ages and lifestyles; no sulfates or parabens; and no synthetic fragrances or dyes.
We also love that the products contain organic and sustainable ingredients, and that they really leave dogs with shinier and healthier-looking coats. Naturally.

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