Green Leaf Pet Resort
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The ultimate home away from home for dogs of all kinds.

From training and grooming to daycare and boarding, your pet will feel right at home in our secure, natural setting. With two state-of-the-art locations and a staff of professional dog lovers, Green Leaf Pet Resort keeps tails wagging with the perfect combination of luxury and love.

Our Facilities

We offer a host of activities to ensure a healthy, happy, and enriched experience for dogs of all kinds.

Glass Boarding Suites • Aquatic Center • Nature Walks • Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas • Luring Course • 24/7 Care
56-acre Natural Retreat
Pick Up & Drop Off Services

Our Staff

Meet the Staff. (They don’t bite.)

General Manager
Kristina Crawford
Matt Alteria
Associate General Managers
Jennifer Bolognese
Steph Costa
Marybeth Sudol
Amanda Medvetz
Hotel Managers
Amberlyn Rogers
Tyler Jongebloed
Marketing & Events Manager
Meghan Flynn
Care & Comfort Manager
Bob Simko
Human Resources Director
Marianne Reinhardt
Training Director
Scott Krzywicki
Matt Alteria
Daycare Managers
Onali Rosado
Cristina Camardo
Amanda Jordy
Grooming Managers
Sam Hoi
Shannan Lutz
Reception Manager
Shadiyah Soleberry
Louise Yaskulka
Cofounder & Training Director
Shelly Leibowitz

Shelly Leibowitz is no stranger to the smile that comes from being around dogs. With over 40 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Shelly Leibowitz is one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the United States.

His passion for dogs started as child when he began walking neighborhood pups and working for different training facilities over the years. In his teen years, he began his career training companion dogs in the New York City area, and quickly expanded his skillset to include training canines for security, contraband, and bomb detection duties.

Today, he trains dogs for a wide range of clients and collaborates with lawyers and judges to help rescue and rehabilitate problematic dogs. An expert in importing dogs, he’s committed to pairing clients with their perfect match. He also serves as a mentor and has taught many students how to become professional dog trainers.

For Leibowitz, working with dogs has always been more than a job, it’s the way he runs his life.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Have an itching question that’s waiting to be scratched? Look no further.

Questions About Boarding:

Do I need to provide my dog with beds and blankets?

No - we have more than enough here! We keep all rooms fully stocked with bedding and rotate through blankets on a daily basis for sanitary purposes.

Do I need to bring in my own food for my dog or do you provide food?

We always recommend bringing your own food! We want to maintain as much of your dog's normal schedule as possible - and this includes food. The best practice is to pre-package each meal in small zip-lock bags ahead of time, labelled with the date and time of each meal.

My dog has dietary restrictions; can you follow them?

Of course! At check-in, we review every aspect of your dog's stay with us - including how they eat, what the eat and when. Please make sure to communicate all of yours dog's needs to our concierge team to ensure their perfect experience.

Can my dogs stay in the same suite together?

Of course! Please let us know if there are any times where you would prefer to separate them (ex: feeding separately, walking separately) so we can ensure their perfect experience.

What does basic boarding include?
  • Boarding includes overnight accommodations in a size appropriate glass lined padded suite.
  • Minimum of 5 walks per day with their very own canine caretaker.
  • Feeding regimen customized to suit all your dog’s nutritional needs.
  • Twenty-four seven surveillance by our educated canine specialist staff.
  • Twenty-four seven disinfection of the facility with high end pet safe products.
  • How much does boarding cost?
  • Pricing depends on what suite you choose for your dog and which add on activities you pick for your pup’s stay.
  • Pricing is per night.
  • Peak pricing during holidays and summer time
  • Are there any discounts or packages?
  • We offer multiple pet boarding discounts as well as customizable packages to best suit your four-legged family member.
  • For longer term boarding we offer customers discounted packages at competitive rates that are customizable to suit all your pet’s needs during their stay with us.
  • Toys

    Can I bring toys for my dog to play with?

    You can bring toys, though we recommend Nylabone and Kong name brand as those are allowed to be left in the suite with your dog and are the safest option. We do not allow any rawhide bones.

    Can I bring treats for my dog?

    Of course! You can even let us know what they receive their good boy/good girl treats. If your dog has any allergies, please notify our team at the time of booking and at check-in. We also offer gourmet treats as add-ons for pup's during their stay.

    Special Accomodations

    My dog gets medicine everyday morning, will you be able to give my dog its medicine?

    Yes, any medications your dog needs please bring in and our receptionists will make sure it’s in your dog’s notes. There is an additional fee for medication administration.

    My dog needs to wear a cone for the next 4 days, will he be able to wear it here?

    Yes, we can keep the cone on for however long it needs to be.

    If my dog becomes ill or requires medical attention during their stay what happens?
  • We have a vet, Dr. Sophia Koster, on-call at all times from Millstone Animal Hospital and North Star Animal Hospital estimated 40 minutes away in case of emergencies.
  • Our Oakhurst location features an onsight veterinarian clinic, VCA Shrewsbury, for all matters.
  • It is normal for dogs to lose or gain weight during their stay.
  • Owners will be notified of any abnormalities such as diarrhea, possible injuries, minor scrapes, not eating.
  • Hours of Operation

    When are you open?
  • We are open from 7am till 7pm everyday.
  • Our specific hours based on services are: Training Hours Mon to Sun 7AM-7PM. Boarding Hours Mon to Sun 9AM-5PM. Daycare Hours Mon to Fri 7AM to 7PM; Sat + Sun 9AM-5PM
  • Although we are staffed 24 hours a day, for the safety of our dogs and staff, we do not allow pick up or drop off after 7pm or before 7am.
  • Special instances can be accommodated for an additional fee.
  • I need to drop my dog off/pick my dog up outside of your operating hours. What do I do?
  • We'd be more than happy to accommodate you! Please give us a call so we can schedule our team to be prepared for you.
  • Depending on the service, there is an additional fee per hour outside of our operating hours.
  • Making Reservations

    Can I make reservations online?

    We do not offer online reservations, you can call and speak to a representative or come in person and also take a tour!

    What is your cancellation policy?
  • Cancel within 48 hours of your reservation and you will get credit to your account
  • Cancel during peak season and you will get credit to your account
  • Cancel in “off” season with more than 48 hours’ notice and you will get a refund
  • What To Do Before You Board Your Dog!

    Up to date on all vaccines:
  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Flea & Tick
  • Heartworm
  • Services Offered

    Can I call and check up on my dog?

    Of course! You can call during our hours of operation for a wellness check on your dog to get a comprehensive update about their stay, or even visit during longer boarding periods.

    Can I get pictures of my dog throughout their stay?

    We offer picture packages and portraits with our professional photographer!

    My dog loves swimming, how does the pool work? Do you offer any classes?
  • We offer group swim and private swim appointments; you can speak to our aquatic instructor about more information.
  • Your dog can enjoy supervised socialization with other mild-mannered four-legged friends!
  • Our aquatic center is 4,000 square feet of wet and wild fun; fully equipped with a hose off section and blow dry area so your pup never leaves the facility damp or uncomfortable.
  • The aquatic center is heated all year round to 80 degrees so your pup can come in for a swim in any season!
  • The pool is salt water chlorinated which kills off harmful microbes all while soothing your dog’s skin and muscles.
  • Call us to set up your pet’s first swim evaluation today with our wonderful canine aquatic instructor!
  • How does doggie daycare work?
  • Our daycare consists of multiple areas of indoor and outdoor play, separating dogs by temperament and activity level, not necessarily age or size.
  • The flooring in daycare is padded for maximum shock absorption, so our furry family members may frolic comfortably.
  • There are all breeds of activities to enjoy while in daycare such as bubble chasing, kiddie pool fun, and obstacles to romp around on.
  • Call us to set up your daycare evaluation today!
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