Uncommon Products for the Uncommon Pet

All of our pets have personality traits that are uniquely their own, and that is of course among the many reasons why we love them! Since everyone is a little quirky in their own right, we thought we should outline some pet products that are anything but ordinary.
Burrow Beds: If you have a dog that is digging tunnels through your bed sheets, this may be something you and your pet could use. The product itself is essentially an oversized pillow with an opening for your dog to nestle into. So, if you keep losing your pet in a pile of laundry consider looking into these creative beds.—fleece-p61.aspx
Sandy Paws Print Kit: With a little sand and plaster, this product will create a custom cast of your pet’s paw print. If you’re a crafty dog owner who wants a little part of your pet with you while you’re on the go, consider dangling this unique ornament from a keychain or rearview mirror.
Trendy Pet Toys: Designer brands, gadgets and pop culture inspired these plush and unusual pet toys. Depending on whether you and your pet are all about the “Chewy Vuiton” or the “Ipaw,” there’s likely to be a stuffed novelty that will suit both your personalities. You can also breathe a sigh of relief when you catch your dog chewing on his or her “BarkBury” rather than your BlackBerry.
The Walky Dog Bike Leash: Bike rides may be something you’d like to share with your dog, however doing so isn’t always easy or safe, especially if a squirrel on the move catches the eye of your pup. The Walky Dog Bike Leash is a hands-free device that extends from your bike to your dogs collar while you cycle.
Dog Shoes: Although some dog lovers may be wondering whether or not paw-wear is practical for pups, the purpose of dog shoes isn’t simply to make a fashion statement. Pet shoes have a variety of orthopedic, disposable, and seasonal options that could keep their paws protected from the elements all year round. However, keep in mind that your dog is not going to be accustomed to the human tradition of wearing shoes, so don’t be surprised if he or she is a little put off by the idea.
If these products are a little too outlandish for you and your pet, visit us at the Green Leaf Gift Shop and browse our selection of functional, handmade and hypoallergenic products from artisan leather leashes to amazing, plush beds by Crypton, the Tempur-Pedic® of dog beds!

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