Summer Treats and Toys For Your Dog

Here are some treats and toys we’ve found pups love in the dog days of summer:
Frozen yogurt cubes
You don’t want to feed your dog a whole bowl of yogurt, but a frozen cube or two with mashed banana and peanut butter makes a delicious “dessert.” You can also buy Frosty Paws – a frozen ice cream-like confection for dogs – at your local supermarket. Never let your dog eat real ice cream – they don’t have enough of the enzyme lactase to digest it.
Ice cubes…
Drop one or two in your pup’s water bowl. This is like a treat and a toy – it cools down their water, and they’ll also be entertained for a while trying to scoop the cubes out. For extra fun, try making the cubes with chicken broth or adding treats.
Another option is the Chill-a-Bowl, a plastic water bowl that you can stick in the freezer to keep your companion’s water cold for hours.
…Or a giant ice cube
If you’ve got room in your freezer, try filling a bucket (one you don’t like very much – you might have to cut it open) with water or broth, treats, tennis balls, and whatever else your dog likes. When it’s ready, plop it down in your backyard, and your four-legged friend will be entertained for hours. You can also try the Kool Dogz ice treat maker.
Freezable toys
We like the Chilly Bone. Just wet this soft canvas “bone” and stick it in the freezer, and in a little while you’ve got a frosty fetch toy.
Floating toys 
Great for the dog beach (or our indoor aquatic center, coming later this summer). We like the Floatie Flappy and Chuckit! Amphibious Balls.

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