Precautions for a Safe Howl-O-Ween

by Christina Fontaine

Halloween is just around the corner (where did the time go), and with the upcoming commotion of families at your doorstep, we thought it would be useful to discuss some of the insurances you can establish to help manage your dog’s anxiety throughout the evening. Since last year’s Howl-o-ween didn’t get the celebration it deserved, we expect to have an influx of eager trick-or-treaters this October. And depending on your pooch’s mannerism, we have several different options to keep your sweet pup-kin happy and stress-free:

1. The first option will work well for a dog who’s semi-social, or at the very least used to interacting with others. Portion out some samples of your pooch’s favorite special treat. We recommend either chicken breast, carrots, cheese, peanut butter, or training treats. The type of treats you choose may vary based on how busy your neighborhood tends to be. If you expect a higher volume, something low calorie would be a better choice. When the doorbell rings, be sure to give your dog a treat each time you answer the door. This will help develop a positive association with the sound of the doorbell knowing.

2. If your dog is the type to bark loudly when visitors are out the door, you might consider simply leaving a bucket of candy at the door for people to take from as they please. For even better assurance, you can post a sign on your door asking people to not knock or ring the bell due to an anxious pet. Periodically check the candy basket throughout the night and refill as you see fit. When you’re out of candy, update your sign to say as much so any straggling guests will know to move to the next house.

3. If you don’t mind the sound of the bell (or if you don’t trust people to moderate candy-taking on their own), you could also create a safe, separate space in your home for your pup to spend the evening in. Turn on the tv to help mute any rings or knocks, and try to have this space be as far away from the front door as paw-sible. Keep your furry friend occupied with a chewing bone, toys, and specialized attention or playtime throughout the night.

4. While the first three methods may work for some canines, you might be thinking that none of those will work for you. If that’s the case, then this last suggestion will likely be your bet! Maybe your dog is highly anxious, or maybe you just have your own Halloween party to attend and don’t want to leave them home alone. Either way, Green Leaf Pet Resort has your answer. With half-day rates as low as $30, Green Leaf’s doggie daycare will provide your loved ones with all of the attention, care, and play they deserve at an affordable rate. To book you pup’s staycation, cal (844) LUV-DOGS today. But most importantly, have a spook-tacular day!

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