Pet Grooming: More Than Just a Haircut

That’s right, it’s officially Springtime. Not that we’ve had a particularly cold winter this year, but even if you haven’t encountered the familiar build-up of dreaded yellow dust on your car just yet, you’ve probably noticed your dog is shedding a bit more than usual. Okay, more than a bit. Your pooch is quite literally getting rid of their winter coat(s), or maybe they’ve been on one too many quarantine hiking trips and it’s time for a trip to the groomers. Either way, it’s not something you should skip out on. “Grooming is as important as bringing your pet to the vet for regular checkups,” says Animal Care Technician Lauren Lakritz. Though it may be tempting to simply give your dog a bath yourself, a professional will be better equipped with the tools and expertise to spot any health concerns that may be hiding underneath the fur. They will check your pet’s eyes, ears, and skin for cysts, blemishes, and infections.

While most humans get haircuts simply to look nice or keep up with appearances, dog grooming is an important part of keeping your furry friend healthy. More than just your pup’s improved smell (we all know those rascals can work up a lot of stink during playtime), it’ll also restore your dog’s coat shine, improve skin health, reduce the chance of ear infections, and provide early detection or treatment for fleas and ticks. Establishing a good relationship with a groomer early in life for dogs is paramount to make them feel safe and secure during the grooming process. Still, with so many options these days, how will you know who’s the right groomer for your fur baby?

At Green Leaf Pet Resort, we offer a variety of professional grooming services from luxury “pet-i-cures” to massages. We even provide hypoallergenic baths for the sensitive skin pups out there. Most importantly, our staff is specially trained to accommodate dogs of all temperaments, so you can rest assured that even shy fur babies will leave feeling pampered and fur-bulous. While here, your dog’s paws are in good hands. Besides, a healthy coat and neatly trimmed nails make for a happy, well-behaved dog. And hey, you might finally get a break from vacuuming the excessive shedding for at least a day or two.

We all want the best for our pets, so save yourself the hassle and treat your dog to a luxury day at the spa. Here at Green Leaf Pet Resort, we pride ourselves on being their home away from home. Visit our website for more information, or connect with one of our specialists over the phone today for a custom quote. It’s the leash we can do.

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