Our New Aquatic Center

Great news! The Green Leaf Pet Resort just opened its brand new aquatic center, and the dogs are having loads of fun.

But besides fun, what are the values of putting your dog in the water?
Shelly Leibowitz, our founder and head trainer, wrote a feature article for The Messenger-Press about why it’s important to take your dog swimming.

“Swimming is a great form of exercise because it not only gets your animals moving, but also helps cool them off, just like it does for humans. “
“Unlike walking or jogging, swimming uses every part of a dog’s body, which keeps him or her in great shape by burning off calories while simultaneously being easy on joints. This form of exercise is great for dogs of all ages because it doesn’t stress growing bones in puppies or cause injuries in adult dogs. Swimming also won’t inflame arthritis in older dogs.”

The aquatic center at Green Leaf Pet Resort will offer swimming-based courses like “Introduction to Water and Swimming,” training packages in canine water sports, and exercise and conditioning packages.
All swimtime is appointment only, and will be overseen by our two water trainers Erica Etchason and Denise Grimm.
Erica is an award-winning trainer in canine water sports with over 7 years in the water, and 10 years training dogs in general.
Denise was a K9 Search and Rescue trainer for 16 years, with multiple finds on her record, including water recovery. She has certification in canine therapy, and is an official canine water sports judge.
The pool is air conditioned, so you can relax comfortably poolside while your dog has fun and gets healthier!
Call Green Leaf (609-259-1500) to make an appointment today. In addition to the pool, we have a dog daycare, non-aquatic training, grooming, and more–all located right in New Jersey.

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