Lure Course at Green Leaf

White dog chasing lure course towards camera

Ready, set, run! We’re excited to announce that our brand new LURE COURSE is open! If your dog frequently gets the zoomies, loves to romp around, or chase leaves – they will be ecstatic to learn that we now offer Lure Coursing! One of the fastest-growing canine sports, the Lure Course is a unique activity that stimulates a canine’s chase instinct. If you attended our Canine Carnival in June, then you may have had the opportunity to try this fantastic service! By popular demand, we’ve decided to make it a full-time service. Everyone can now try their paw at Green Leaf Pet Resort.

What is a lure course, exactly? A lure machine uses a pulley system to run a white, artificial lure along a line – simulating a small animal running across the ground – activating your pup’s prey drive. The track can be arranged in numerous patterns to increase the difficulty and simulate the unpredictability of a real hunt. Starting back in the 1970s, this sport was originally designed for sighthounds who, unlike most breeds, hunt using their eyes rather than their noses. While breeds such as greyhounds and whippets have an advantage, the sport has since opened up to all breeds. Dogs can run full tilt in a safe and enclosed environment.

This activity engages both your dog’s body and mind, making it an all-encompassing form of exercise. By provoking their hunting instincts, the participant is driven to follow the “prey” while it zigs and zags across the field. In the endeavor to catch their prize prey, more strength and endurance is used than in many other forms of exercise, increasing their stamina in the process. Little else matches the feeling of satisfaction when the lure is caught and the chase is done. The lure course takes your fur babies’ zoomies and gives them a purpose. High-energy pups will especially love this fast-paced activity that is sure to tucker them out.

While the physical benefits are clear, there are mental benefits as well! By engaging the instinct to chase, the lure course can improve a pooch’s ability to focus. This sport builds confidence in your furry friend. As a great form of enrichment, this rewarding run releases endorphins, and dopamine, leaving your dog happy and content (all while creating a stronger bond between you and your pup)! The Lure Course is such a thrilling activity that achieves much of what we, at Green Leaf, look for in an activity for our dogs. Adding this new all-encompassing form of enrichment as a service to share with our guests was a no-brainer. Ask a member of our concierge team how to get started with your pup’s evaluation today!

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