Important Update Regarding Daycare

Dear Green Leaf Clients,

As the official Monmouth County Emergency Pet Facility, we have an obligation to implement protocols above and beyond the baseline. Green Leaf Pet Resort will be temporarily closing the daycare facility at our Oakhurst location from Friday September 11, 2020 through Monday September 14, 2020. It is vital for us to offer an environment in which our clients feel safe. During this closing, our daycare facility will be undergoing important upgrades to our HVAC and receiving an extensive cleaning. As always, our highest priority has always been the safety and health of our clients and staff. 

The most proactive approach to preventing the spread of Canine Cough is through education, vaccinations and employing the best protocols for disinfection and sanitation.

Dogs, like humans, may catch a cold when playing with other dogs.  A cold is an upper airway infection caused by a bacteria or a virus.  This is referred to as Canine Cough or Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis.  Symptoms most often involve a cough and/or some gagging with the possibility of spitting up some white phlegm.  Sometimes there may be some mucus dripping from their nose. Less frequently you may see some eye discharge, tiredness and lack of appetite. In a very small number of cases, a lower respiratory infection may develop such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Most often canine cough is a self-limited course and usually resolves within 10 to 14 days.  Your veterinarian may prescribe an antibiotic.  If your dog(s) experiences any of these potential symptoms please contact your veterinarian.  

The health and well-being of your dog(s) is our number one priority.  The Green Leaf has several systems within our HVAC system to combat microbes, such as ultra-violet lights and electrostatic sanitizing systems as well our extensive hands on cleanings protocols and disinfecting fogging protocol.

There is no developed anti-infective system that can combat airborne microbes 100%.  

Other disinfecting procedures we are following include having all employees , washing hands in between the handling of dogs, and disinfecting their shoes, and changing their clothes daily.

We want you, our dog’s parents, to be informed. Please feel free to reach out for more information on Canine Cough. We are always available for any concerns or questions you may have.

We love your dogs and only want the best for them.

Thank you,

Rachel Silverstein, General Manager at GLPR Oakhurst
Matthew Alteria, General Manager at GLPR Oakhurst


GLPR Oakhurst Daycare  Q+A

  • What do I do if I need to drop my dog off due to scheduling purposes? Are you offering any alternatives? Yes! Any dog that comes for daycare during the time when the daycare service is unavailable, will receive a special day-stay in lieu of daycare. This service is a private suite for your pup(s) where they will receive private one-on-one playtime with our staff.
  • What happens if my dog(s) is already boarding and is scheduled to have the daycare playtime? Any dog staying with us will spend their time having private one-one-one playtime with our staff! These playtimes involve a very active, curated experience for dogs to offer maximum play!
  • Will any other services be scheduled to close? As of right now, no. The changes that are being made to our HVAC daycare facility require us to close for a short period of time. These changes are being made only to improve the quality of your pet’s experience!
  • What if I purchased a daycare package? Can I use those? Yes!  We can redeem one of your daycare package credits for the alternative day-stay.
  • What if I purchased a boarding package? Any daycare that is included with our boarding packages will be subbed out for private plays at no additional cost!
  • What does this service cost? Is it the same price as daycare? Just like daycare, this special day stay service will be split into a half-day charge (for less than 5 hours)  or a full-day charge (for five hours or more).

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