Get to Know the Breeds: Poodle

Miniature poodle. Photo by Flickr user Mr. T in DC.


Believed to have its origin in Germany where it was called the “Pudelhund” (pudel meaning “to splash about” and hund meaning “dog”) the poodle gained popularity in France where it was most often used as a “water retriever.” Its coat is water resistant making it a good swimmer and great at hunting.
The poodle comes in three varieties: the standard, the miniature and the toy. The standard is said to be the oldest of the three, the miniature has been used for truffle hunting because of its small paws, and the toy has been adopted for performances and circuses.


Beauty and Brains
While the poodle is quite the show dog displaying elegance and finesse, don’t be fooled into thinking he’s got no brains. The poodle is renowned for his smarts and his adeptness in obedience training.
Highly Energetic
The poodle doesn’t like to just lie around. He’s high-energy and loves to play and go for runs.


Upscale Grooming
The poodle wears a one-layer coat of dense curly fur, which is said to be hypoallergenic. It doesn’t shed much but what little it does shed tends to get tangled in its hair, which can lead to matting if not properly tended to. The poodle must be professionally groomed once at least every 6-8 weeks.
Pet clips can be really simple or really intricate (as is usually the case with show dogs). The only rules that should absolutely be followed are:
-The hair beneath the tail should be cut short to prevent matting.
-The hair on the face and feet should be kept short to prevent dirt from getting caught in the toes, and tearstains and food from the face and muzzle.
Daily exercise
The poodle is full of energy and gets bored very easily. These guys need exercise everyday or they’ll start acting up. Take them for runs and play with them often. Just don’t let them sit around getting bored, they’ll find something to get into.
Easy Living
The poodle can live anywhere as long as he’s properly taken care of. House or apartment, city or suburb, just keep him clean and happy.
The poodle is a popular show dog, but he’s also a fun, energetic, smart pup just itching to get all of that energy out in a good game of fetch.

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