Get to Know the Breeds: Pomeranian


The Pomeranian gets its name from a part of Europe known as Pomerania—now part of Poland and Germany. Bred here from ancient Spitz dogs, the Pomeranian was once much larger and used for herding sheep. In 1888 Queen Victoria acquired a small Pom, increasing its popularity in England. Other notable Pomeranian owners include Mozart, Marie Antoinette, Émile Zola, and Napoleon.


The Pomeranian is extremely outgoing. He’s eager to please and a real people-lover, with high energy that makes him endlessly entertaining. His friendly attitude also contributes to his reputation as a stellar show dog.
Loves Thy Owner
The Pom Pom (as they’re sometimes called) gets very attached to his owner. He can become protective, and sometimes suffers from separation anxiety when left alone. He just wants to be with you all the time!
Smarter Than You’d Think
These little guys may come in small, fluffy packages, but they’re highly intelligent. They are quick learners, respond well to training, and are always aware of their environment. They pick up easily on tricks, and are good at getting what they want from their owners (the fluffy cuteness doesn’t hurt).


A Walk a Day
Pomeranians don’t need much exercise, and will receive most of it through play. However, they have a ton of energy, and would love a good walk at least once a day.
Daily Brushing
The Pomeranian’s long double coat needs to be brushed on a daily basis. His undercoat will shed twice yearly, but his overcoat sheds on a regular basis. That’s a lot of fur, but it’s on a little frame—making the brushing fairly quick and easy.
These guys don’t like to be left alone. They always want to be the life of the party and love all the attention they can get. Loneliness can lead to behavioral problems in Poms, so be sure to include them in family activities and outings.
Pom Poms are fun-loving dogs with great attitudes and awareness. They love their owners and are extremely loveable themselves. For a little dog, the Pomeranian has an enormous personality.

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