Get to Know the Breeds: Miniature Schnauzer


The miniature schnauzer is a German breed of the schnauzer variety that came to be in the late 19th century. Originally intended as farm dogs, for their ability to easily run the fields catching all types of vermin, the miniature was created by crossing small standard schnauzers with affenpinschers (and possibly poodles) to create a smaller schnauzer for controlling household vermin.
The name schnauzer comes from the German word “schnauze,” which translates to muzzle, probably for its strong muzzle.


Friendly and Cheerful
Don’t be fooled by that angry looking mug, the miniature schnauzer is a happy go-lucky dog that loves a good time. He enjoys being around people and is excellent with children.
Big Bark, No Bite
The miniature schnauzer can be a very vocal little pal. He’ll bark if he feels endangered, but sometimes he barks just to greet you or any of his friends. He barks when he’s excited and he barks whenever he wants to express any sort of emotion. He’s talkative.
Smart and Playful
The miniature schnauzer is highly intelligent and learns very quickly. He’s easy to train, and always up for a good game of fetch. He’s got a lot of energy.


That Double Coat Needs A Brushin’
The miniature schnauzer wears a double coat of wiry fur on top and soft fur on the inside. It’s not hard to brush, but should definitely be combed or brushed on a daily basis. Any matted hair should be cut.
Spring Cleaning
Twice a year, in the spring and the fall, the mini schnauzer should be given a good haircut. Cut around the eyes and ears and keep the hair short on the body. Let their beard grow (that’s kind of their thing!) but keep it clean and contained.
Long Walks
These guys have a lot of energy and need to get it out. They should be taken on long walks or jogs daily and be played with as much as possible. A good run or some time in a park is good for these little fellas.
The miniature schnauzer may be small but he’s full of energy and speaks his mind. His bark is bigger than his bite; actually, he doesn’t bite at all!

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