Get to Know the Breeds: Goldendoodle


Goldendoodles originated sometime in the late 1990’s and came off the success of Labradoodles.  They are a hybrid breed mixing a golden retriever with a poodle, weighing in around 50-90 pounds and have a life expectancy of 10-15 years according to Dog Times. The goldendoodle is not a true breed but a cross breed (sometimes referred to as a “designer” breed) with growing popularity.


Cross-bred Smartie Pants

Golden retrievers and poodles have ranked in the top 4 of 150 highest in terms of smartness of dog breeds according to the Goldendoodle Association.

Dog Times says that the goldendoodle’s are easy to train and quickly able to form association between a command and receiving a reward.

What’s a Stranger?

The outgoing and loving personality trait of the goldendoodle makes them strong candidates for being companions to people with disabilities according to Pet Wave. The article goes on to say that they don’t have a big drive for prey making them a great candidate for a house with children or cats when introduced properly.


We Like to Move it, Move it

The goldendoodle’s ancestors (golden retriever and poodle) were bred to be hunting dogs, but that hobby hasn’t quite latched on to this hybrid breed.  They do though enjoy all sorts of outdoor physical activities though and have an innate attraction to the water and swimming, according to Pet Wave.  

So Fresh and so Clean

Goldendoodles grooming process is not low maintenance.  Their crossbreed make-up of a golden retriever and a poodle leaves their hair to be long and furry, loose and curly or both, shedding doggies.  Vetstreet recommends brushing these dogs every other day with a slick brush.  They go onto say that goldendoodles can be prone to ear infections, therefore make sure that you are keeping their ears dry and clean.

With the continued popularity and friendliness of a goldendoodle, this “designer” breed is sure to be a friendly companion and man’s best friend for a long time to come!

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