Get to Know the Breeds: Golden Retriever


The golden retriever is the 4th most popular dog in the United States today.
Originating in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800s, when Lord Tweedmouth crossbred his “yellow retriever” with a tweed water spaniel (now extinct) found on his land, they were primarily used for hunting waterfowl and other game.
Referred to at first as “golden flat coats,” it wasn’t until the 1920s that they were called golden retrievers.


Smart and Eager to Please
Golden retrievers are fast learners and always up for anything. Whether at home playing fetch in the backyard or being trained as a seeing-eye dog for the blind, they exhibit a profound understanding of what’s expected of them.
Plays Well With Others
Man, woman, child or cat, the golden retriever is just looking for friends. While this might make them terrible candidates for guard dogs, it does make them the perfect family dog. They are patient with others and amicable with strangers and friends alike.
Fun-Loving and Hardworking
While golden retrievers love to play and exercise to their full potential, they also will work themselves until they collapse. During a hunt they will sit and wait quietly for hours while in a chase they’ll run until their legs won’t go anymore. There’s never a need to overtrain these guys.
Calm and Confident
Golden retrievers are never nervous and are always aware of their unique abilities. They have no problem exhibiting friendliness towards others immediately and are never shy in the face of any task. They are very social dogs.


Golden retrievers are exceptionally active dogs, and while they’ll have no qualms about sitting on the couch watching TV with you for hours, they are, by nature, energetic and need an outlet for that energy. Playing some kind of sport or taking them for long runs is highly recommended.
Daily Grooming
While flaunting the most beautiful golden coat, the golden retriever does shed a lot and needs to be brushed on a daily basis. It has a water-repellent double-coat that must be kept clean of any mud, mats or tangles. Brush, brush, brush!
And don’t forget to clean his ears regularly, to avoid disease and/or infection.
While golden retrievers excel in intelligence and fitness they should still be treated with the same amount of patience and concern as any other canine. They function best with positive reinforcement and friendliness.
The golden retriever’s intelligence makes them one of the most versatile breeds of dogs. They are often used as guide dogs for the blind, rescue dogs, drug-detecting dogs, and hearing dogs for the deaf. Their friendliness and loyalty make them one of the most popular pets on the planet.

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