Get to Know the Breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer


While the exact origin of the German shorthaired pointer is unclear, it’s believed to be derived from the German bird dog and crossed with German scent hounds and other hunting dogs. Early on it was crossed with the English pointer, resulting in a fast, agile all-purpose utility dog with a good nose and a sharp mind for hunting. The German shorthaired pointer is ideal for hunting game, both on land and in water, but also an excellent family companion in the home.


Quite Accommodating
These guys were raised to be hunters and obey orders, so by nature, they are eager to please their owners. The GSP loves to make his family happy and is game for pretty much anything, from a game of fetch, to a run in the park, to a swim in the ocean.
Sharp Wit
One of the smartest breeds in the bunch, the German shorthaired pointer is always on top of his game. He is smart and as quick witted as a dog can be, taking on responsibilities with an intuition unmatched by other canines. Author Thomas Mann expressed his love for the German shorthaired pointer in his book Bashan and I.
Looking For a Friend
The GSP is always out to make new friends and gets along well with other dogs and children. He loves to hang out and is an excellent companion for you, your child, and even your golden retriever.


Keep Him Moving
While capable of adapting to pretty much any living situation, the GSP needs his exercise. He needs at least one long brisk walk a day, or a jog, or even to accompany you while you ride your bike. He needs a family that is willing to play with him outside, and allow to him to work his muscles and let some of that energy out.
Let Him Drink
Water, that is! These guys are super active and will run themselves crazy. Be sure to give them proper amounts of water, because dehydration is a common problem for these guys, and nobody wants a thirsty dog!
Grooming is Gravy
The smooth coat of the pointer sheds very lightly and only needs a light brushing on occasion. Bathe only as needed, but be sure to give him a good wash if he’s been out on a hunt. Check his floppy ears regularly to be sure they’re clean – they’re prone to ear infections.
The German shorthaired pointer’s history may be a bit of a mystery, but his companionship and happy-go-lucky attitude are a sure thing. These floppy-eared fellas are some of the best dogs to make your best friend.

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