Get to Know the Breeds: French Bulldogs


Despite its name, the French bulldog originated in Nottingham, England during the 19th century, when lace makers decided to make a smaller version of the English bulldog, referred to as a “toy” bulldog. Kept simply as a companion, when many of these lace makers were displaced by the industrial revolution, they brought the dogs back to France, where they became fashionable. Eventually there were hardly any toy bulldogs left in England, and the French decided to call the little guys French bulldogs.


Sweet and Loving
The French bulldog loves to be around people and is very affectionate. He dislikes being ignored and just wants to be around you all of the time. He loves his owner and gets along great with children.
Soft Spoken
These little guys don’t have much bark or bite. They tend to be pretty quiet and will only bark to alert you if they need something, or they think there’s danger lurking about.
Loves a Good Book or Watching the Tube 
French bulldogs are lap dogs and don’t mind being just that. Yes, they want to be around you, but they don’t mind cuddling up next to you while you read Harry Potter or watch the latest season of Downton Abbey.


A Daily Walk
The Frenchie doesn’t need a ton of exercise but will play and run around out in the yard if you let them. They need to go on a walk at least once every day. They like to be shown around town by their owner, and can get very cranky if they’re always kept home.
Keep ‘Em Out of the Kitchen
They can’t take the heat! Their little squished faces make the French bulldog prone to respiratory issues. When it’s hot out keep an eye on them, they are susceptible to heat stroke and can run out of breath very easily. They also gain weight easily, so be careful not to overfeed them.
Clean Living
His very smooth coat sheds very little, and a good brushing every now and then should do the trick.
The French bulldog is adorable with his tiny little body and big bat-like ears. He makes the perfect companion for everyone and is really easy going. Need a play date? He’s up for anything!

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