Get to Know the Breeds: English Bulldog


Having originated in the British Isles, the bulldog’s name stems from its connection with “bull-baiting,” a popular sport in England where dogs were set on bulls and wages were placed as to which dog would take the bull down.  The bulldog was picked because of its courageousness, ferociousness and resistance to pain.  The Cruelty to Animals Act 1835 outlawed the sport, along with bear-baiting and cockfighting, leading to dealers training the dogs to be more domesticated so they could be household pets. Today’s bulldogs are some of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.


Gentle and Child-Friendly
The bulldog may wear an intimidating mug on his face but it’s all for show. The bulldog is known to be very friendly and good with children as well as other dogs. He’s affectionate and patient with others.
Protective and Brave
The bulldog loves his owners and family and will protect them if he feels he has to. He’s named for his bull-fighting ability after all and will not take kindly to intruders.
A Little Bit of a Slob
Eating can get a little messy for these guys and they have a tendency to drool and snore. Their short noses and huge jaws (with an occasional under bite) make them prone to it. They don’t mean to be rude though.
Despite their little bit of sloppiness, the bulldog always stands with a dignified demeanor. He looks so dignified that one, Handsome Dan, was the original mascot for Yale University.


A Little Bit of Exercise Every Day
Bulldogs don’t need a ton of exercise. They’re indoor dogs and make great pets in urban areas.  But they do need to get out for at least one big walk a day. They like to wander and need to get enough of a workout so they don’t get overweight.
Grooming Made Easy
The Bulldog has very short, fine hair and can be brushed with a firm bristled brush as needed. Their faces should be washed once a day with a damp washcloth to keep their wrinkles clean.
They Can’t Stand the Heat
Bulldogs can overheat easily so special care should be given to them during the hotter months. They need a lot of shade and water, as well as an air-conditioned home if possible.
The bulldog’s an easy pup to get along with. While he may get a bad rep for chasing down Tom in the old Tom & Jerry cartoons, all he really wants is love and affection.

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