Get to Know the Breeds: Doberman Pinscher


Bred in the late 1800s as a guard dog, the Doberman pinscher was created in Apolda, Germany by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Dobermann was a tax collector and often had run-ins with bandits, so he decided to create a dog that would serve as his guard and watch dog. He crossed several different breeds including German pinschers, Rottweilers, Beaucerons, Manchester terriers and Greyhounds.
During WWII, the Doberman pinscher was the official dog of the United States Marine Corps.


Loyal and Playful
Dobermans may have originally been bred to be guard and watchdogs, but over the years their aggressive nature has been toned down, allowing for them to be one of the most desirable housedogs in the world. They are extremely loyal pups who love attention. Hanging out with their family and friends is an absolute must for these guys.
Dobermans love their family and will not hesitate to protect them from danger. If a Doberman feels his owner or pal is being threatened he will step in. These guys are a little wary of strangers but with enough training and socializing they learn to become more comfortable with outsiders.
High IQ
Many studies have shown the Doberman to be one of the most intelligent dogs in town. Their ability to problem solve on their own and follow their master’s orders is remarkable. This makes training them a lot easier than other canines.
Strong & Energetic
Doberman pinschers have a lot of energy. These guys are always on the move and up for anything. They are strong, fast and full of stamina. They’re not the type to just sit around the house watching reruns of Matlock with you, take ‘em for a run!


A Nice Yard
While Dobermans will do okay living in an apartment, as long as they get enough exercise, having a yard for them to play in doesn’t hurt. They love to run and play and really need to get that energy out!
Keep Them Warm
Dobes are very sensitive to the cold. Do not leave them outside during the winter months and make sure to keep them cozy indoors. Make their walks or runs a little shorter when the temperature drops.
Keep Your Dobe By Your Side
Again, Dobermans love to run and are extremely strong. Be sure to take them for long walks or jogs and remember- they must be kept at your side at all times and made to sit down if you need to stop. If you allow the Doberman to run ahead of you he’ll assume he’s leading the way and try to pull you ahead.
Your Doberman is your best friend. He’s loyal, smart, strong and protective. While he may need a little training, he’s worth the small amount of work. Luckily he’s super smart and he learns really fast!

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