Get to Know the Breeds: Dachshund


The Dachshund originated in Germany sometime in the early 1600s. Bred to hunt small game like badgers and rabbits, its name literally means “badger dog” in German.
Sometimes called a wiener dog because of their long bodies, the dachshund is easily recognized by its resemblance to a hot dog with little legs.


Apartment Dwellers
While any dog loves a yard to run around in, the dachshund doesn’t mind getting his exercise indoors. He’s a little guy who can get his kicks just running around the apartment. Of course he still needs to be walked like any other dog, but he’s got no problem adjusting to small spaces.
Lovable, Affectionate and Playful
Dachshunds love to play and are great with children as long as they are supervised and properly trained. They are a loyal breed, and protective of their family despite their tiny size.
Little Dog, Big Bark
Though the dachshund is tiny he has a loud bark. While some dachshunds are quiet as can be, some just love to belt it out. Training can help calm them down but usually they’ll bark at the sight of strangers or if they’re being teased.
Jealous Dog
The dachshund can be a little sensitive and he loves attention. He can get jealous of other pets or children if he feels he’s being neglected. Again, with enough training he can be cured of this.


Train, Train, Train!
Dachshunds are some of the cutest, friendliest dogs on the planet, but they do need proper training and attention. If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time working with your dog, then a dachshund may not be for you. They’re very smart but they’re also stubborn and proud. They’re a lot of work but the result is the perfect pet and companion.
Daily Exercise
Dachshunds should be walked on a daily basis. They’re very energetic and get bored easily, so they also need to be played with. Whether playing around the apartment or at the park, they love to run around. Try to avoid too many jumping exercises because they are prone to spinal injuries.
Grooming Depends on the Hair Style
The Dachshund has three different looks, which requires three different sets of rules for keeping him clean. There’s the longhaired, which requires daily brushing. The wirehaired, which needs a professional trim two times a year. And there’s the shorthair, which just needs a rub down with a damp cloth daily.
While the dachshund comes in many different sizes with different hairstyles, one thing remains true of them all- they’re one of the best companions to have in the world.

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