Get to Know the Breeds: Boxer


Developed in Germany in the late 19th century from the Bullenbeisser (now extinct) and bulldog, the boxer was originally used for dogfighting and hunting game like wild boar and bison. During WWI the Boxer was adopted by the military and used as a reliable messenger dog, attack dog and guard dog. After WWII, boxers gained popularity when they were taken home by returning soldiers.
Known for the way he stands on his hind legs and bats his front paws like a boxer while playing, it’s more than likely this is how he got his name.


Loves Company
The boxer loves to have company whether it be human
or another dog. Companionship keeps him happy and he is great with children- he shows excellent patience with them and becomes attached easily. He is very loyal and affectionate.
Playful, Eager and High-Energy
The boxer is in constant motion, loving to get his exercise and always up for playing. He’s forever batting his paws at everything from his toys, to other dogs, to you! But it’s all in good fun.
Loyal and Smart
Boxers are very intuitive and learn at a faster pace than many other breeds. This can make training them fun, and having them as house pets an easy task (if you’d even call it a task).
They love their owners and families, and are protective of them. They become your best friend very quickly and stand on guard if they sense anybody trying to hurt you.


Proper Exercise
Special care should be taken with boxer pups because they will run themselves ragged and if they overdo it, it can cause damage to their growing bones. As they get older they require daily exercise and are the perfect jogging companions. Just be sure to be careful in hot and humid weather, they tend to overheat easily.
Easy Cleaning
Their short hair makes them easy to clean. Taking the occasional brush to them just to be sure their coat is staying smooth is a good idea, and you only need to bathe them when you really think they need it. Fortunately, boxers are very clean and sometimes groom themselves the same way a cat might, although when they’re playing outside they don’t mind rolling around in the mud one bit.
Boxers are powerful dogs that love to play and love their family. While they may have been used in the past for hunting and attacking prey, they are not aggressive by nature, and would rather be playing fetch with the family than hunting wild animals.

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