An Open Love Letter for All Dog-Lovers

An open love letter to all dog-lovers:

I have witnessed many people saying I love you. Not to me or any other human. But unconditionally saying these 3 wonderful words to a dog. Yes, that’s correct; a furry, slobbery kisser on 4 legs with a tail who poops outside.

What is so compelling that when we don’t even know this creature, we immediately want to love him or her?This is a true natural wonder – wouldn’t you agree?

I am so guilty of this emotion with dogs. They all immediately steal my heart, but I am not alone.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no emotional equivalent in this world to the amazing relationship between a person and a dog(s).This bond is so immense that even when they cross over the rainbow bridge, our hurt and grief only drives us to another four-legged relationship.

Why I ask?

Is it just the release of our happy hormones and neurotransmitters? Or is it more than just a physical, if not, spiritual as well? It is from our hearts that we feel this desire, .The heart has emotions. In Hebrew the word for dog is “kelev” which means complete heart (need I say more?).

No one can ever dispute my observations. I see it each and every day at Green Leaf. Our clients love their dogs beyond belief. Our staff immediately welcomes them into their loving arms. We then get to know them on a more intimate level and its not just a job – but a loving bonding until like no other.

Aren’t we the luckiest?!


Donna Leibowitz, PharmD
Co-Owner, Green Leaf Pet Resort

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