About Our Floors

We don't keep trays of paint around here, but if we did it'd be easy to get off our floors

How long do you think we researched flooring for the Green Leaf Pet Resort & Hotel? Would you believe 7 years? It’s true. Not everyone would take that long, but we think luxury pet boarding means accepting nothing less than the best.

Every floor in our facility is made of comfortably cushioned vinyl. Impermeable to liquids, and with minimal seams, it’s a breeze to clean. And it looks like hardwood flooring, so it feels cozy and homey. (We don’t want to brag, but…okay, we’re going to brag: we think they’re the coziest floors you’ll find at any dog boarding or doggie daycare facility in New Jersey).
And in the dog agility center (used to train dogs for agility competitions, or just for fun!), we have Agiliflex flooring, made of EVA polymer. It’s the same material used in high-end athletic sneakers, and it’s great for the dogs’ joints. And again, the material is totally impermeable to liquids and a snap to clean.
Speaking of cleaning, we keep the floors sparkling with the Aqua-Air Wet/Dry cleaning system. We researched lots of cleaning systems by going to industry shows and touring facilities around the country, and the Aqua-Air was the best one we found.

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