10 Ways to Help Your Dog with Fireworks

  1. Anxious dogs pant! Make sure you fill up a water bowl and make it readily available for your pup.
  2. Once the fireworks start, your dog might be too anxious to eat. Try to move their feeding schedule up before the show starts.
  3. Make your dog a safe space to retreat to once the fireworks start. This can be a crate with a blanket or a safe space in your room. Make sure to provide their favorite toys, blankets or treats for comfort.
  4. Close the curtains, blinds and windows. Blocking loud noises and bright lights can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  5. Get in a heavy play session before the fireworks start! Physical activity can work out anxiety and a tired pup will rest easier.
  6. Act normal! Your dog can pick up on your behavior. By remaining calm, happy and cheerful it will send positive signals to your dog that things are ok.
  7. Reward calm behavior with positive reinforcement through treats, affection and playing.
  8. If your dog retreats into a safe space, let them! It can be confusing to coax your dog our of their safe space and cause more anxiety.
  9. Keep all doors and gates closed! If you need to open the front door, make sure your dog is in a secure and safe environment.
  10. Be there for your dog. Comfort and love can go a long way!

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