From the chic poodle ‘do to the standard lab trim, our expert groomers will keep your dog looking pretty (or handsome) and feeling great.

Whether your dog just needs a bath, or a full clip and scissor, we always take the utmost care to clean thoroughly and gently, ensuring that your dog is comfortable and happy throughout the entire grooming process.

In addition to its aesthetic value, a proper grooming can help you spot health issues that might not be obvious, such as skin problems, over-shedding and ticks. That’s why we pay special attention to every detail of your dog’s well-being, from coat and skin to eyes, ears, nails and teeth.

All our products are hypo-allergenic and gentle on the skin. Our groomers have been carefully trained to work with dogs of all personality types to ensure proper care and safety for both our staff and your pet.

At The Green Leaf, we strongly believe that no two dogs are the same. As such, dog grooming prices may vary accordingly by breed, age, hair length, weight, temperament and special needs.