The Green Leaf Pet Resort & Hotel houses a state-of-the-art 3,000 square foot indoor aquatic center with a dog swimming pool for exercise, fun and relaxation.

Swimming isn’t just fun for dogs – it’s also great for their health. A good lap around the pool can cool dogs in the summer, and, unlike walking, dog swimming is a good full-body workout all year long. And it’s perfect for dogs with arthritis, chronic ailments or dogs who have recently undergone surgery, and is a good second step after physical therapy and clinical hydrotherapy.

Our indoor aquatic center is the best spot for dog swimming in New Jersey. Heated and air-conditioned, it’s staffed by top-notch trainers with 30 years of combined aquatic dog training experience:

Erica Etchason is an award-winning trainer in canine water sports with over 7 years in the water, and 10 years training dogs.

Denise was a K9 Search and Rescue trainer for 16 years. She has certification in canine therapy, and is an official canine water sports judge.

Since not all doggies are born knowing the doggie paddle, we can teach your dog to swim! We also offer fitness training, private or group dog swimming time, and some much deserved blowing-off-steam-time for our daycare and boarding guests.