Stop Stealing Behaviors

Better behavior begins with the right training.


Stop the Stealing

Our training approach is simple.
We call it "Control Through Kindness."

Whether it's food, objects, or even attention, we're here to help you teach your dog appropriate behaviors and respect boundaries (even if they are cute enough to get away with it).

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Understanding Stealing Behaviors

Whether it's stealing socks or your heart, it's important to locate the specific source to your dog's behaviors.

Stealing behavior in dogs can be triggered by various factors, such as curiosity, lack of training, or seeking attention. Understanding the reasons behind this behavior is crucial to effectively address and manage it.

Common Triggers for Stealing

  • Attention-Seeking: Dogs may steal to get attention from their owners or family members.
  • Lack of Training: Untrained dogs may not understand the boundaries and rules of the household.
  • Boredom or Curiosity: Dogs, especially puppies, may steal out of boredom or curiosity.
  • Resource Scarcity: Dogs may steal food or objects if they perceive a scarcity of resources.

Our Approach to Training

We believe in positive reinforcement training to help your dog understand boundaries. Well, positive reinforcement and a lot of patience and love.

At Green Leaf Pet Resort, we take a positive reinforcement-based approach to stealing behavior training. Our experienced trainers work closely with you and your dog to create a customized plan that addresses the specific triggers and behaviors associated with stealing.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Professional Assessment: Our trainers will assess the severity of your dog's stealing behavior and identify its triggers.
  • Customized Training: A tailored training plan will be developed to address your dog's unique needs and triggers.
  • Positive Reinforcement: We use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage appropriate behavior and discourage stealing.
  • Behavior Modification: We'll help your dog understand the right behaviors and boundaries through consistent training.

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