From performance dogs to police hounds, The Green Leaf Pet Resort & Hotel offers a variety of specialized dog training services, including:

Schutzhund Competition Training

Schutzhund is a competitive dog sport developed in Germany at the start of the last century. Literally translated to “guard dog,” Schutzhund was designed to test the dog’s aptitude for police or military work.

American Kennel Club Training

We carefully recreate the trial environment, test the skill level of your dog, and develop a lesson plan to bring that dog to trial-ready level, ensuring success in even the most challenging situation.


Teaching a dog to track is a specialized part of dog training. There are various ways to track, as well as various applications for teaching a dog to recognize and differentiate scents. We specialize in ground-scent training, the most solid foundation for tracking of all kinds.

Drug and Explosives Training

Shelly Leibowitz has been selecting, importing, and training service and working dogs to detect drugs and explosives for more than three decades. In 1988 he founded Drug Detection, Inc., and became the first person allowed to bring dogs into New Jersey Public Schools to sniff out drugs. His canine drug and explosive detection clients have included a multitude of law enforcement agencies and private corporations.

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Protection Training

A high-quality guard dog can be caring and cuddly to the family he loves while also being highly protective of that family. Our guard dogs are trained to refrain from aggression or menace to all but those who clearly represent a threat. We offer custom guardian and guard dog selection, importation, and training.